10 Best Styles for Wedding Cake Decorating

Cake DecoratingCake decorating
is fast becoming a big issue among cake lovers and cake makers. For lovers of cake, it is not just about how sweet the cake tastes, but also how good it looks which in turn means that the cake maker needs to always be as creative as possible as he or she designs the cake for her client. Wedding cakes are even more demanding as couples would a cake decoration that stands but still portrays their personality. In such a situation it is not enough to rely on the cake decorating classes attended as the world of cake decoration seem to be even more dynamic hence, cake decorating tips that ensure that you as the cake maker is up to date as regards the latest in the world of decorating is also a requirement.

Below are 10 wedding cake decorating styles that perfectly fit into any couple’s wedding plans and budget of course. The cakes cover a wide range of cake decorating themes and require different cake decorating supplies depending on the decoration chosen.

Enchanted Forest

This wedding cake style is done based on an inspiration gotten from the works of Jan Pienowski and fairytales. The beauty and style of the cake style is substantiated when the work was awarded the best cake design in 2012 during the Wedding Industry Awards, after it was displayed by Rosalind Miller.

With a budget of two thousand, one hundred pounds sterling, you can be sure of serving 260 people.

Dainty Dots

This is another wedding cake decorating style with the estimates close to that of the Enchanted Forest. It is a perfect combination of art and style thanks to the sugar roses and the falling petals that need to be done carefully to bring out the intention of the decorator. The cake decorator needs to pay close attention to details and with the work that goes into the decoration; it is not surprising that the style ranks as one of the most expensive in the cake decorating industry.

The Dainty Dots cake style comes with a romantic feel that makes it one of the best cake decorating styles ever. This is not forgetting the delicious taste you get from every bite.

Classic Rose Sponge

One major feature of this cake decorating style is its affordability. It is arguably the most affordable on the list and even with the cost, not many people could guess rightly how much was spent on the cake given the creativity and touch of style that has allowed it maintain the classic but beautiful look.

It comes in three tiers with cream color and a butter cream lining.

Strawberry Vanilla cheesecake

This cake decorating style is particularly great for couples that are working on a budget and would love to cut down on some inevitable expenses. With this cake style, you do not only reduce the amount spent on cake decoration, you are also able to save money on dessert. With three tiers, about 40 guests can be catered to and the five-tier style serves about 140 guests.

Blossom design

This decorating style is romantic and pretty. It however requires that you part ways with some real good money. In actual fact, it is regarded as a luxury brand by some quarters.


The Grace Cake designs come with a number of different designs ranging from hexagonal vintage style to sponge flavors that make use of Oreo, chocolate and even chilli. With around $1,000, you can be sure of getting yourself a delicious and beautifully styled cake.


This style makes use of the grosgrain ribbon and some vintage style items. It however ranks as one of the most expensive wedding cake decorating styles.

Cord lace style

This wedding cake style will help you mirror your wedding dress lace with your cake and since its introduction by Kate Middleton; the cake style has remained in demand especially by couples that have the money to spend. It is an elegant cake that comes in five tiers.

White Cigarello Classic style

It is described as the perfect definition of a classic wedding. The style perfectly combines style and taste, using fresh flowers to separate the layers and delicious ingredients for the making of the cake with flavors such as the chocolate and baileys or chocolate and raspberry thrilling the taste buds of your guests.

Cheese tower

The name of the style says it all. This seven-tier cake design is made with goat cheese, providing a beauty to behold and a treasure to taste.

One can go on and on with cake styles, but the ten decorating styles mentioned above are definitely going to wow your guests with their look and taste.